Pikobag is a team of loved couple, started on 22nd July 2020 (the birthday of their lovely daughter Yichee).

Macie is responsible for sales & design of latest women’s bags, Philip is responsible for production & quality control.

Before we started our career, Macie has more than 10 years’ experience in handbag industry, you can call her a skilled handbag expert.

We believe every woman should have their own bag that can express their personality freely at affordable price. With this purpose, Macie sources materials from the fabric market, design the bag and Sam will sew a sample bag into reality. With some modifications, Philip supervised our factory in Guangzhou to produce.

Our own brand "Filinapo" represents Passion & Youth and wish to bring perfect bag to each woman all over the world. 

Each bag will check carefully by Macie & Philip before sending out. You will have no worry about the quality or workmanship.

Customized items like adding your own logo or your own design are also welcome, from 1pc to 1000pcs+, we all treat with care to make sure they will reach or beyond your expectation.

New designs come out constantly, pls don’t forget to drop in. There will certainly a handbag fits you.

Have a great fun in our store! Enjoy your shopping.

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